Movie Review – Love (2011)


After losing contact with Earth, astronaut Lee Miller becomes stranded in orbit alone aboard the International Space Station. As time passes and life support systems dwindle, Lee battles to maintain his sanity – and simply stay alive. His world is a claustrophobic and lonely existence, until he makes a strange discovery aboard the ship.

•To get my new site rolling, I’ve taken the liberty of copying a couple of reviews from my archives, just incase anyone thinks I’m plagiarising work. This review was originally posted on headinavice in February 2013•

Love is a 2011 science fiction film produced and scored by the rock band Angels & Airwaves. The film is the directorial debut of filmmaker William Eubank and stars Gunner Wright as the astronaut Lee Miller. It took over 4 years to complete and the actual space station was built in the directors parents back yard to cut down on costs. Please don’t let the low-budget approach put you off, Love is visually incredible to look at as I hope some of the pictures throughout this review show.


To use the directors quote in his summary for the film:

Love portrays the personal-psychological effects of isolation and loneliness when an astronaut becomes stranded in space and through this, emphasizes the importance of human connection and love. Additionally, it touches on the fragility of humankind’s existence (explored through a dying Earth-apocalyptic doomsday scenario) inspired by the cautions of Carl Sagan in Pale Blue Dot and considers the importance of memories and stories as humanity’s legacy.


Love starts during an 1864 battle of the American Civil War. We are introduced to a lone Union soldier, Captain Lee Briggs (Bradley Horne), who is dispatched on a mission to investigate a mysterious object which has been reported to Union forces. We then cut to 175 years later, in the year 2039, and we meet United States astronaut Lee Miller (Gunner Wright) who has been sent to the International Space Station (or the ISS) as a one-man skeleton crew. His mission is to examine whether or not it is safe for use and to perform the necessary modifications after it had been abandoned two decades earlier.


Shortly after arriving on-board, something happens on Earth, which eventually results in Miller losing all human contact back home. Miller struggles to maintain his sanity while in isolation by interacting with Polaroid pictures of former ISS crew members left aboard the ship. When the station has some power glitches, Miller journeys into a different module of the space station to perform repairs and discovers the 1864 journal of Briggs (the Union soldier). Miller reads Brigg’s account of the war and becomes enthralled by the mysterious object he is searching for, not realizing he will soon become more familiar with the very same object, and not by accident. The astronaut begins to feel the connection to the civil war soldier, and this is where the objective of the whole narrative as a circular storytelling mechanism comes into full view.


Visually as I mentioned earlier, Love is aesthetically beautiful. The war scenes look very realistic, the space station looks great and you couldn’t tell it was made for next to nothing. The highlights for me were awe-inspiring views of the mountains and the final slow-mo shot of Earth. It genuinely gave me goosebumps at times, looking at something so spectacular and the music was perfectly done. The director has truly made an epic film.


It truly is a work of art and a brilliant piece of cinema. I’m not claiming it is perfect but films like this that are made on a budget with unique stories are criminally overlooked in favour of remakes and sequels.


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      • Thanks, glad you still remember me! Yeah I made a post on the old HIAV site that I can’t link to as I’m on my phone and lazy but that clears things up. Also put a photo of my kids on it with the explanation if you can be bothered to find it. But yeah basically wanted somewhere to ramble without feeling constricted to just horror. Still gonna be horror reviews just mixed in. With Aladdin 😉

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      • I remember when I used to get annoyed my numbers were going down on certain posts, or less likes etc. That’s when I knew I was in it for the wrong reasons. Ultimately the same handful of people I would converse with was much more meaningful than people hitting like on the reader without even actually reading the post. In the hope people would then reciprocate the like. It got me jaded.

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        If people read then that’s fantastic but if they don’t then I’ve still got it archived for myself. I like to look back on what I’ve done and thought as well. Sometimes I don’t even agree with my initial take.

        I might be a sporadic blogger now but I still won’t stop watching me writing about films so I might as well keep blogging – even if I’m the only one that likes my posts. 😉


      • That’s how I feel and have been trying to describe to people in real life why I want to write something again. I might steal it: personal diary with my personal thoughts going public. Thats exactly how I feel. 🙂

        I always wanted a few to read it, but I would love 5 people who regularly comment and discuss what I/they watch. Thats what I miss, the people I know in real life don’t watch stuff I do. My brothers favourite film is The One with Jet Li……. so its a losing battle. Online though, I did find I missed conversing with people like yourself and others who wouldn’t always share the same view, but could discuss them openly and bicker nicely!

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      • Yeah I loved that, highlight for sure. I’m not going to do any networking features on this site really but that is possibly an avenue I’m going to venture down, collaborative discussion/review on films. Hence the podcast page that is something down the road. All stemming from how good those old ‘face off’ days were.

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      • Potentially, likely to start with a conversation piece in text with a friend who I make watch a movie and then we discuss it, then we may venture into talking if I get brave enough. We discuss them now anyway and I want to try bring it into a blog thing a little further down the line. But I don’t want to do my usual trick of setting up too many projects and getting sidetracked.

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      • I hear you, man. I don’t have the balls for podcasting but I’d love to hear your stuff. I was setting up so many things too that it all became overwhelming. My Trivia posts took a back seat which was always my biggest seller. I will bring it back again soon, though. I’ve also been doing some classic scenes posts and I really enjoy doing my Polished Performances stuff which allows me to talk about a particular actor without having the pressure of reviewing all the time. Those three are the features I’ll stick to.


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  1. I think I commented on this one when it was on your previous site…and I still haven’t seen it. And I’m sure my other comment didn’t contain anything insightful about the film either, so I’ll move on to something else, like…is that you in your colorful avatar, or someone famous I should know?


    • Yeah I’ve milked this review too much I think, but needed a couple to see how they played out when picking site themes. Still undecided.

      I wish it was me, sadly it’s Mr Gosling from the movie Drive. Have you seen that? Actually if not stay clear, don’t want your negativity ruining one of my all time favourite films!


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